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why did they take you off the levo?? that doesn't make sense, especially if your health is suffering once you go off. 

The correct answer is gravity. Gravity is a force that pulls us to the ground. Because of gravity, we can’t float around in the air.

Workers sent home early as clouds gather
PARANOIA set in around midday yesterday as offices and businesses sent workers home early, as dark clouds bearing showers gathered above the capital.

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Analysis 1.   In the first analysis, we had barley sprouts at either 6 or 7 days of growth.  In the 6 day batch, we measured an output of lbs of sprouts, roots and spent barley seeds, starting with 2 lbs of raw barley seed.  We then determined the dry matter (DM) content of the whole plants to be % (% water), meaning that there was lbs. of DM in the sprouts.  Since the 2 lbs. of seed was 95% DM, there was a loss of lbs DM during sprouting ( lbs. DM – lbs. DM).  Thus sprouting resulted in a loss of % of the DM that was in the seeds after 6 days of growth. The net loss of DM after 7 days of growth was even higher at over 30%!  In fact, on a dry weight basis, little of the shoot, root and spent seed mixture produced was green shoots (13% after 6 days and 17% after 7 days of growth).  Most of the weight was in the root/seed mass (the whole mass is generally fed in hydroponic forage systems).

Absorb Fish - The POSAbsorb Fish - The POSAbsorb Fish - The POSAbsorb Fish - The POS