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From April 1 st , 2016, to March 31 st,  2017, 48 hemodialysis units took part in the surveillance of vascular access–related bloodstream infections (VARBSIs) in hemodialysis (HD) patients, for a combined total of 57,570 patient-periods (Table 1). Participating units reported 127 VARBSIs in 120 patients. Patient-periods involving a fistula account for % of patient-periods. The VARBSI incidence rate is  cases per 100 patient-periods for patients with an arteriovenous (AV) fistula,  for patients with a synthetic fistula (graft),  for patients with a tunneled catheter and  for patients with a non-tunneled catheter. In 2016–2017, incidence rates for tunneled and non-tunneled catheters have significantly decreased compared to rates for 2012-2016 (p < ) while rates for AV fistulas and grafts have remained stable. Since 2015-2016, three HD units joined the surveillance. Data were extracted on May 5 th , 2017.

Baba , Corneliu; Babaev, Ismet Dzhumshudovich; Babajants, Erem Mikhajlovich; Babanina, Kira Vasilevna; Babanov, Igor Alekseevich; Babarika, Lyudmila Vitalevna

Pierre-André Arcand - Atlas EpilepticPierre-André Arcand - Atlas EpilepticPierre-André Arcand - Atlas EpilepticPierre-André Arcand - Atlas Epileptic