Twila paris - the early years

Although much of the abbey is still used for secular purposes today, since 2011 the church has provided a home for the services of the Catholic Parish of Saint Magdalena, the Church of the Assumption. The ornate interior is positively dripping with gilded altars, paintings, tapestries, and elaborate carvings, in addition to the reliquaries that serve as side altars. Inside the glass boxes are said to be the remains of two early Christians – Saint Hyacinth of Caesarea and Saint Clemens. The provenance of relics is hard to confirm, but whether these skeletons belong to those two saints or not, their surroundings sure are heavenly.

Albums – “Without Condition”, “Something More”, “Blueprint”, “Beautiful”, “Live from New Orleans”, “Long Way Home” “If You Want Me To: The Best of Ginny Owens”, “Bring Us Peace”, “Ephemera”, “Say Amen”, “Get in, I’m Driving”,

     I love Catholic music and have been listening to various Christian radio since the '80's.  From early John Michael Talbot, Steve Archer and Glad to Matt Redman, Rich Mullins and Libera.  I'm excited to hear your thoughtful and varied selections.

Take the Huntington Avenue no. 39 bus or the Green Line E-train to the Museum stop. Cross Huntington Avenue to Louis Prang Street. Walk down Louis Prang Street for two blocks. The Museum is on the can see the MFA from the Gardner. They are very close together. The Gardner was target of an infamous art crime in 1990 that has not been solved to date. There are still empty spots in one section where the stolen pieces used to be.

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I just partnered with Stephen Schwartz on a new project for Princess Cruise Lines, on another dance show called, "Born to Dance". That just premiered for Princess vessels over the past year and a half. I just finish that and now I have been working on, "American Dance Spectacular", and I directed "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat" for the Ridgefield Playhouse. Then after that I am opening a brand new theater in Ridgefield. So we are in the middle of working on that as well.

I became a Christian soon after high school. I was voracious for powerful, truth-driven, anointed Jesus music. While I happily discovered wonderful older songs by Love Song, Chuck Girard, Phil Keaggy, Kelly Willard, Nancy Honeytree, Don Francisco, Dogwood, and others; the newer music of Keith Green, Harvest, Twila Paris, Dallas Holm, 2nd Chapter of Acts, and others provided rocket fuel for my newfound devotion to Christ. Thank you, Harvest — everyone who made it happen — and especially you songwriters and singers, Jerry and Ed. Your music was such a God-given blessing to me that words can’t express it. Thank you.

Twila Paris - The Early YearsTwila Paris - The Early YearsTwila Paris - The Early YearsTwila Paris - The Early Years